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EVO 60H - 60 watt compact valve head

Product Description

The EVO60H amp head hosts all the same features as the combo version, minus the speaker combination and plus the cabinet connectivity for touring/jamming/recording different options of speaker cabinets.

Again hosting a solid, rich clean channel with a gritty overdrive channel to match the clean with the added extra 'Lead' to kick the amp into heavy overdrive the EVO60H has a great range of tones to choose from. Coupled with a 16 Setting blend-controlled FX section and added FX Loop, this amp carries versatile options for a large tone pallet - controlled by a full EQ section.

The channels/lead option are completely footswitchable as well as the FX section - two footswitch inputs for this.

Product Features

  • Hybrid Valve/Solid State technology
  • 16 setting multi-FX with Level Control
  • Solid, rounded clean channel with a matching gritty overdrive channel and additional lead tone (all footswitchable with TANK2)
  • FX Loop Send/Return
  • 4/8/16ohm cabinet options

Product Specification

Technology: Hybrid Valve/Solid State (1 x 12AX7 preamp, 2 x 6L6G Power Output)
Channels: Two (Clean and Overdrive) with Lead option
Power: 60 Watts
Inputs: 6.3mm Guitar In, Footswitch
Outputs: 4/8/16ohm
Controls: Clean Gain, Overdrive Gain, Overdrive Volume, Effect Level
EQ: Bass/Middle/Treble
Effects: 16 Setting FX (Delays, Chorus, Phaser, Room/Hall Reverb) with Level Control
Speaker: n/a
Impedance: n/a
Weight: 17kg (37.47lbs)
Dimensions [Width*Height*Depth]: 545mm*345mm*365mm

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