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Product Description

Fuzz, the pedal that started the distinctive tones we hear today back in the 60’s and 70’s.
A blend of transistor and opamp gain/clipping generates the velcro tones that is this effect, put together in a simple-to-use package, with tones that can emulate a large pallet of distorted and screaming sound, drive it into a power output of an amp and see what it can do.

Edit: Check out a great video by Muziker on our video page! 

Product Features

  • 9v Battery/adapter function (remember to remove those guitar jacks to save battery power when not in use)
  • Gain - determines the amount of fuzz/drive coming out of the clipping circuit
  • Tone - dial from low to hi to sculpt the sound of your screamer
  • Level - determines the volume level coming out of the pedal
  • Traditional design with an easy on/off use in mind

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