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Product Description

The VAC60 is the largest in this range, doubling the power of the smaller VAC30 and increasing the speaker size to 12" to deliver plenty of volume for any jam session or small venue. Coupled with a selection of extension cabinet options, this amplifier can be connected to a larger cabinet for more power and stage presence.

Working to the same principals as its smaller counterparts, enjoying chiming harmonics in cleaner settings and increasing to a tight roar at full gain settings.
A solid British sound that loves to work with gain/distortion pedals to create an even larger and more brutal sound without sacrificing the focussed dynamics of the amp.

Product Features

  • 60 WATTS
  • All valve classic British/Tweed sound
  • Full EQ section with Bright toggle for extra sparkle in high frequency for Clean Channel, separate Full EQ section for Overdrive Channel
  • Spring Reverb with individual control
  • FX Send/Return with individual blend control

Product Specification

Technology: All Valve (4 x 12AX7 Preamp; 2 x EL34 Power Output)
Channels: Two (Clean and Overdrive)
Power: 60W
Inputs: Guitar Hi, Guitar Low, Footswitch
Outputs: 4ohm, 8ohm, Line Out
Controls: Clean Gain, Clean Bright Toggle, Overdrive Gain, Overdrive Volume, Channel Toggle
EQ: Clean - Bass/Middle/Treble; Overdrive - Bass/Middle/Treble
Effects: Spring Reverb, FX Loop - both with own blend knob
Speaker: 12" Carlsbro Powertone
Impedance: 4ohm
Weight: 23kg (50.7lbs)
Dimensions [Width*Height*Depth]: 635mm*325mm*545mm

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