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EVO 30

Looking for a 30w Twin Channel Combo with a pure clean sound that cuts ice when it’s switched to overdrive and the gain boost applied? Look no further, the EVO 30 inspired by original Carlsbro classic design has a valve compliment of 1x 12AX7 and 2x 6L6’s giving you 30w of Carlsbro power. There are two Channels with shared 3 band EQ, with Channel One for that warm clean sound and Channel Two for Overdrive, which has Overdrive, Tone and Level controls plus Boost switch, both Channels are footswitchable. It’s loaded with a custom 10” speaker which has been designed to maximize the power. To add external effects you have Send and Return facilities. Need more power, check out its big brother the EVO 60.


  • Hybrid Valve/Solid State combo
  • 10″ powertone speaker
  • 30 WATTS
  • Spring Reverb with individual control
  • Solid clean tones, gritty overdrive channel, clean channel and additional lead mode (all foot switchable with TANK2 pedal)
  • FX Loop, Send/Return



Technology: Hybrid Valve/Solid State (1 x 12AX7 Preamp, 2 x 6L6G Power output)
Channels: Two (Clean and Overdrive)
Power: 30 Watts
Inputs: 6.3mm Guitar In, Footswitch
Controls: Clean Gain, Overdrive Gain, Overdrive Volume
EQ: Bass/Middle/Treble
Effects: Spring Reverb, FX Loop
Speaker: 10″ Carlsbro Powertone
Impedance: 8ohms
Weight: 21kg (46.29lbs)
Dimensions: [Width*Height*Depth]: 560mm*365mm*545mm


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EVO 60

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